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Welcome to Intercept Corporation Sdn Bhd

HomeIntercept Corporation Sdn Bhd is a one-stop solution of complete rapid prototyping system from middle range machinery to the high range production machinery. Our product lines are from front end process scanning, inspection measurement,rapid prototyping, resin vacuum casting, metal vacuum casting, broadway 3D face recognition security devices to the final end production CNC machining process.

We also providing consultancy services and technical support in variety of industries such as universities, polytechniques, metal manufacturing, hospital, government and etc. 

We proudly to inform that we are an authorised reseller as well as partners of the well-known prestige brands for 3D Systems, Altropol, Artec, Schuechl, Schultehesis, Solutionix, Arcam , Artec ID and more to join in.

Our Prestige Products Range

You can find a wide range of complete Rapid Prototyping (RP) System product range that can meet to your unique or complexity of  the design and expactation. Your journey in searching the correct high-end or low-end rapid prototyping machines, broadway 3D face recognition security devices, 3D scanners or printers, vacuum casting machines will begin here:

3D System Arcam

Artec 3D Scanners

Rapid Prototyping Printers

Additive Manufacturing Machines

Artec 3D Scanners

Solutionix Schuchl Schultheiss

Solutionix 3D Scanners

Polyurethane Vacuum Casting Machines

Metal Vacuum Casting Machines

Artec ID Altropol

 Broadway 3D Face Recognition Systems


 Polyurethane Resin Materials